Visiting Ghana was a truly magical experience. A large part of this is due to the fact that I travelled with Hybrid Learning Coordinator (and all-round impeccable human being) Renelle Terblanche. We travelled from Cape Town to Johannesburg and then through to Accra. Stepping off the plane we were met with an intense heat. Having left the bone chilling winter days of Cape Town, this was our first indicator that we were truly starting our adventure.

Our trip started with 4 days in Accra. Our first stop was Shai Hills Resource Reserve where George, tour guide and problem solver extraordinaire, helped us understand the ecology and wildlife of the area. We were treated to a safari in style – riding around in 38-degree heat in a run down Corsa lite that did not have working windows or doors, but this just made the experience even more special. Monday brought the start of our in person workshops – the real reason for this visit. The workshops consisted of two half day sessions where the aim was to provide practical training on using Moodle. The content was intended to address the questions of those who are completely new to Moodle as well as provide some meatier topics for those who are already familiar with the LMS. Our first workshops were at Accra Technical University and the overwhelming outcome was a greater sense of understanding and a meaningful personal connection with the participants we have been working with throughout the year. Once these workshops were done, we travelled to Cape Coast. The University of Cape Coast campus is breath-taking. It is almost a town of its own with a dedicated police station, multiple banks, and the most expansive greenery imaginable. We conducted our next two workshops here and were once again

During our time in Ghana, we made sure to pack in as much sightseeing and “touristing” as possible. In Accra we visited sites such as the Museum of Science and Technology, the Arts Centre (Centre for National Culture), Oxford Street, and Black Star Square. While in Cape Coast we ventured to Cape Coast Castle, Oasis Beach, and a personal highlight Kakum National Park. Our last night in Ghana was spent at Biriwa Beach Hotel – an absolute gem of incredible plants, a rugged coastline, and a swarm of resident animals (particularly wild cats and a crazy crow).

My key takeaways from my trip to Ghana were that the people are interesting, generous, and resilient. The country is gorgeous, but life is hard. There is immense natural beauty and incredible history, and Ghanian people are only too happy to share these stories. We ate and ate and ate.

The purpose of this trip was the in person workshops, which I believe were a success. We were able to provide hands on individual assistance and to create connections with not only participants but university partners. The workshops have provided us with insights that will enable the Hybrid Learning team to provide the best support possible in order to ensure that learning occurs – for our participants but also for those they are able to share with. This said, however, I must admit that the experience for me was personally incredibly enriching. I am itching to travel again and feel inspired to experience more of Africa.

Sarah Cullen
HL Designer