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Episode 1


An interview with Lucille Müller, a multimedia advisor, graphic designer, and video editor at the SU Centre for Learning Technologies.

She shares tips that educators and learning designers will find helpful, as they create digital learning material.

Her key points, which she accompanies with hand-on suggestions, are the following:


  • Specialised software is not required to design highly engaging digital learning material. (Do not underestimate the power and potential of tried-and-tested tools, such as PowerPoint. Click here for more about her very popular self-help PowerPoint course for SU staff).
  • The starting point should be your audience or student. Then, you can keep it simple – as long as your design is informed by their needs and context.
  • There are simple yet creative ways to bring a human element into the virtual space.

Hybrid Hustle – Episode 1

Episode 2

Meet the first Learning Designer at Stellenbosch University, Firdows Talip.

Firdows shares her experience as Learning Designer on Stellenbosch University’s strategic Hybrid Learning project and how her role has evolved from 2019.

Part 1: What is a ‘learning designer’, really?

  • Key differences in learning designer role in corporate e-learning space vs higher education spaces
  • Attributes of a learning designer at Stellenbosch University

Part 2: Lessons learned, from a designer working with lecturers 

  • The dynamic interaction (and tension) between a learning designer and the lecturer
  • Design towards a positive student experience and desired learning outcomes
  • All about H5P – the plugin which makes it easy to create, share and reuse interactive content directly in the Stellenbosch University Learning Management System (LMS)

Part 3: An evolving role: Thoughts for (and about) learning designers with Firdows Talip

Miné de Klerk, Stellenbosch University’s Hybrid Learning Project Manager, and Firdows Talip, one of the first learning designers in South Africa, first at Stellenbosch University, talk about the shifting sands which impact on the hybrid learning designer role.