About Hybrid Learning at SU

Discover more information on an emerging mode of academic delivery that is future-focused on flexible, yet responsive to the unique context of South African and African learners.

Hybrid learning (HL) is a mode of academic course delivery that combines short periods of real-time engagement between lecturers, subject matter experts and students with sustained periods of self-paced, fully online learning by the students. This may, for example, include a short calendar block of on-campus lectures or online webinars, followed by longer periods of online learning that allows students to progress at their own pace.

Higher education institutions in South Africa are registered to offer either full-contact or distance-learning programmes. In recent years, the Department of Higher Education and Training has recognised a growing convergence in how institutions are presenting their programmes and utilising information and communication technology (ICT).

As a full-contact institution Stellenbosch University (SU) will continue to enable (what we view as immensely valuable) periods of real-time engagement between lecturers and students with our academic credit-bearing programmes. SU is further committed to enabling collaborative and networked learning, by leveraging the potential of digital technologies.