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Aquaponics Modules

Why Aquaponics

The hybrid programme in Aquaponics will provide basic knowledge for you to enter into the aquaponic sector, or further your academic qualifications.

Aquaponics combines aquaculture and hydroponic technology to grow fish and plants together in a closed-loop system.

Aquaponics food production technology is complex and requires a broad spectrum of knowledge to understand and manage the processes involved. A good understanding of aquaculture, horticulture, chemistry, biology, food safety, and engineering is required.

Benefits of Aquaponics

  • contribute to food security
  • advance interdisciplinary knowledge
  • harness technology and nature
  • understand natural ecosystems with closed nutrient cycles
  • foster collaboration between course participants

Commence the first two modules in 2023 towards an accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Aquaculture or Aquaponics (in registration process).

Module 1: Introduction to Aquaponic Production Systems

Module 2: Advanced Aquaponics Technologies

Who are these modules designed for?

If you have a solid knowledge of aquaculture, horticulture, chemistry, biology, food safety, and engineering. Whether you are currently working, or not – the course offered in hybrid mode – with defined contact blocks enables you to plan around your commitments.

What can I expect?

The modules, pedagogical approach will foster collabora-tion between the participants, and it is encouraged that each student should take responsibility for their learning and the learning of others in the group. Participation in online forums and chat rooms is a cornerstone of continued learning in the field. Connecting regularly with the aquaponics community via the Aquaponics Association of South Africa, creates a meaningful professional network to take further into your aquaponics career.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements: BTech, BSc, BSc Agric

Course structure: Approximately 15 hours per week.

Contact blocks: 7-days per module contact blocks will concentrate certain aspects of the learning which is best done in a face-to-face group setting.


Graduates from other institutions are welcome | Other levels of qualification can be reviewed

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Programme Coordinators

Henk Stander

Dr Khalid Salie