Postgraduate Diploma

in Medical Toxicology

The Postgraduate Diploma programme in Medical Toxicology aims to train you, as an appropriately qualified scientist, in the field of medical toxicology. The curriculum covers the most important areas of medical toxicology and will help broaden your knowledge as a health care professional.

After completing the course, you will:

  • have the practical skills to diagnose and manage patients exposed to poisonous chemicals;
  • be able to work in medical facilities where you can assist in managing poisoned patients;
  • be able to advise other health care professionals on the diagnosis and management of poisoned patients.


The programme is offered by means of blended learning and includes e-learning, guided self-study, assignments, homework tasks and e-portfolios for integrated reflection, as well as formal lecture weeks.


The programme extends over two years.

Programme content

You must complete all five modules listed below.

  • Introduction to Toxicology
  • Poisoning Management and Prevention
  • Poisoning with Biological Toxins
  • Poisoning with Non-drug Chemicals
  • Poisoning with Pharmaceuticals

Fully Accredited
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Mrs CJ Marks
Programme Coordinator
+27 021 938 9334

Mandy Joy Harck
Programme administrator
+27 21 938 9296

Admission and selection criteria

  1. A bachelor’s degree (e.g. MBChB, BPharm or BNurs) or another relevant qualification on at least NQF level 7.
  2. If you are an international student who did not use English as medium of instruction for your undergraduate studies, you may be required to provide evidence of your oral and academic writing proficiency in English.

Application procedure and closing date

Apply online at by 30 September of the previous year. Applications for prospective international students close on 31 August.